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Postavio 28 December 2018 - 15:56


Goran Mandic (Mandza17)
-HR br1 All time money list
-500k $ online profit.
-Won many high stakes online tournaments, but also live at High Stakes (10k high roller barcelona)

Sasa Ikac (HanstheGreat)
-Mid to High Stakes Cash Game
-Converted $50 to $500,000 publicly documented https://forumserver.....egies-1385674/
-Winner 2018 Irish Open High Roller

Is there any restrictions if I can apply or not?
No, anyone from the world can apply and be accepted!

Staking is offered for people who want to play:

MTTs: $3-215 

What LFGStaking is looking for?

-Speaks English / Croatian Fluently. We can make exceptions for Germans.
-Loyal & Trustworthiness -Loves to help others succeed, understands that sharing knowledge within our circle can help elevate every ones game to the next level. 
-Thrives off of competition, but also care about making a living playing poker.
we WANT to maximize winnings overall, we will do this by mixing sites and focusing on reaching your potential to achieve these things -Will to work hard, motivated willing to sacrifice a lot of time to move up the limits to succeed in poker.
-Doesn't have EGO & is willing to LISTEN to the coaches. 
-Has an hourly mindset, if this means we stake them up to 600nl but the most money is playing 200nl based off the current situation said horse must be willing to do that. 

We have punched in the numbers, have a ton of experience, studied the fields, and have been in the game for many years. 
LISTEN to our APPROACH, TRY IT, and if it DOESN'T WORK then CRITIQUE, not VICE VERSA. PLEASE don't waste our time, or your time and work with other people/yourself if you are not willing to meet this obligation.

What is provided: 
Poker sites to play on
Daily Hand History reviews
Full Staking Deal 50 / 50 splits
Staking for 3$-215$ MTTs

Cliffs of contract:
300 MTT/SNG minimum played a month on average within a 12 month period. 7,000 SNG/MTTs played in total. 
MTT staking deals include make-up. Profit splits are done at the end of the month if you are up on the stake.

Coaching with Zufo16:

Why we like working with him, and people who try out for LFG will too:
Zufo teaches people in the beginning solid fundamentals about shoving and reshoving stacks size. 
He is great at preflop and knows all the things necessary to teach in order to beat those games. 
He is a 180 man turbo rebuy crusher in fact he's the biggest winner on $2.5+/3r+ this year!
He works a lot and played poker a lot in 2018, and will continue doing so in 2019 meaning his information is as relevant as ever!

Cliffs of contract to work with Zufo16:
Minimum 1K games
2K Profit
50/50 split

How to Apply: Answer everything send to:, add me on skype: live:lfgstaking 

1) Full name, Age, Occupation

2) Location (Where are you currently staying, any plans to move soon if so to what location?)

2a) Are you willing to move to specific locations for games if you think there is higher value?

3) List One reference, the more you have the better. Would like if the reference is well known in the community/ have been around for a while. **NO reference, no interest in working together**

4) Screen names on all sites -Relevant graphs from 2017 and on, stats and results through pt4/hm2

5) All pokerforum names (2p2,PocketFives, etc)

6) What you’re looking to be staked for as well as why you need a stake.

7) Something about yourself - Poker related & Non poker related.

8) What your poker goals are, how much time you can commit to working on your game.

9) Have you been staked before, if so how did it go?

10) Anything else you think is relevant - Have Kids? A big side project where you invest a lot of time into? etc etc.

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